Commercial Services

Optimize Your Electrical Systems

Optimize Your Electrical Systems

Trust our experienced commercial electricians in Oakland, CA

Operating a large commercial facility like a warehouse or parking garage is expensive. However, you can reduce costs by installing energy-efficient lighting and maintaining your commercial wiring properly. Phils Electric Company in Oakland, CA can help you with your property. Our commercial electricians handle troubleshooting, repairs, new installations and recurring service visits.

Reach out to us now for professional electrical services.

Tackling your commercial electrical work

Any time you want to upgrade or improve the electrical system on your property, let our commercial electricians handle your job. We can install:

LED lights
New wiring
New outlets
Tesla chargers
Warehouse lighting
High-voltage plugs
Electric vehicle charges

We're qualified to install all levels of electric vehicle chargers, including commercial chargers and EverCharge chargers. Additionally, you can turn to us for complicated jobs like servicing programmable control cabinets and other systems for automatic multistage parking structures. Call 510-375-9231 now for commercial wiring or electrical services.