LED and Energy Efficiency Specialist

Do You Want a More Efficient Home?

Do You Want a More Efficient Home?

Meet with our energy efficiency expert in Oakland, CA

Energy-efficient lighting can save you money and improve your home. If you have outdated lighting in your home, turn to Phils Electric Company for LED installation services in Oakland, CA. Our energy efficiency expert can install natural-style or full-spectrum bulbs in your residential or commercial property, so you have efficient lighting. This top-tier lighting can also help heat your space and boost vitamin D production.

We may be able to provide your new bulbs depending on your project. Contact us now for installation services.

Helping you update your home

When you choose our energy efficiency expert, you can be sure that you'll have a more efficient home. To improve your property, our expert will:

Hold a walkthrough of your property
Detail sources of inefficient lights sources and power
Switch sodium, halogen and compact fluorescent bulbs to LEDs

We do not install or deal with neon lights as these lights and their fixtures are often outdated and obsolete. If you have any questions about our LED installation services, email us today.